Welcome to The Winterset Citizen, and thank you for reading! This blog started in November of 2013 as an outlet for editorials and events about Winterset, Iowa. Our main reason for writing, and the ongoing theme you’ll hopefully hear, is to lift up the best of what’s happening here in the county seat of Madison County, Iowa, which is more than many people might think. We are a small town, but we have a LOT to offer!

New posts on The Winterset Citizen are published once per week. Every week on Thursday or Friday, a “Weekend in Winterset” post provides a lineup of events that are going on around town. This information comes from what people submit to us at thewinterstcitizen@gmail.com, as well as what we see and hear on Facebook, business and organization websites, mailing lists, posters, Chamber events, and more. If you have an event you would like to invite people to attend, please feel free to contact us. (In general, we do not consider sales at stores to be events unless they are open houses, etc., or for one of our sponsors. Yes, sponsors do get perks!) Most events are included at no charge. Other stories are editorial in nature and sometimes feature local news items, businesses, organizations, or events. These stories are included at our discretion, but we are happy to take suggestions!

That being said, The Winterset Citizen is not intended to be a complete news source. There is a lot more going on around Winterset and Madison County than we can cover as editorialists. Check out The Winterset Madisonian for a complete journalistic publication.


Thank you again for reading The Winterset Citizen.

Meisha & Megan (M&M)



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